W.A Production’s Vocal Limiter is FREE (Limited Time)

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Now on Plugin Boutique you find FREE Vocal Limiter from W.A Production’s but only for a limited time so go get it!

Quick Look, How it works!

This plugin is designed for a vocals but if you wanna you can ride instruments with this plugin too. Great for beginners simple interface easy to use.

What W.A Production say about this plugin?

We designed Vocal Limiter to be the last step in your vocal processing chain and as simple to use as possible. It’s specifically developed to target the frequencies of vocal performances so is less affected by overly high or low frequency content. With multiple speed modes and real-time VU meters, you can use your eyes and ears to find the perfect settings… or just flick through the included presets. With Vocal Limiter you can be sure that your vocals will sit comfortably in the mix and be heard loud and clear.

Info from developer site.

Regular price for this plugin is $19.90 or €16.24 but now FREE via Plugin Boutique!

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