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Cycles x Duone
29.01. 2021

FREE PanCake 2 from Cableguys

If you wanna your sound flying all over the place from left to right, right to left this panning plugin from Cableguys is right for

FREE Spitfire Audio – LABS

What is LABS from Spitfire Audio? This company create high quality, GREAT! sounding libraries from pianos, violins, guitars and many more. If you read more

6 Free Synthesizers from U-HE

Are you composer, producent, artists, musician who like creating new sounds you find right page for you. Down below i show you 6 Free Synths

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Thank's to everybody who support my music and ideas.
I really love go to the studio sit behind MIDI keyboard and produce something.
Music get me to the another planet where all problems go away.
There be only the moment, lighting in my brain and flame in my hearth.
Really BIG THANKS to my FAMILY and WIFE, she always support me and trust me.
If you love what i do join the FAMILY too.
Thank you 🙂